Monday, June 12, 2006

Mother's of boys

I post semi-regularly on a bullentine board for working moms. One of the gals there is excitedly awaiting her 3rd child.....a boy after two girls. Now she has a step-son, but she wasn't around when he was an infant. This got me to thinking of all the things I've had to say or have heard only because I have a son. Trust me you might hear or say some of these things if you have a daughter....but I doubt it.

  1. S "Mommy I tuck a ticker on my penis"
  2. Me to S & T "Please stop playing with yourself I need to fasten your diaper"
  3. Me to S "Stephen we do not hang things from our penis"
  4. Me to S "No you may not touch Tyler's have your own to play with"
  5. S "Mommy I like my penis"
  6. Me to S "You only play with your penis at home....not in public"
  7. One night while working on giving all 3 a bath: R "My penis, Tywer penis, and Tephen penis"
  8. S to my niece Hailey "It's not a bunny Haiwey, it's a penis" (Yes my brother loved my son teaching his daughter the correct word.....seriously it's better than bunny!!)

There are many more.....but these were my favorites.

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TxGambit said...

Yep I can appreciate that! With two boys of my own and I have said many of these to them as well.

Nope I can't imagine saying these to my daughter.... except if I caught her with a boyfriend some day but then I imagine the conversation going a bit differently.

hee, hee...