Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No, Stephen girls do not have a penis!!!

Okay - apparently I'm going to have to stop running around naked in front of Stephen. Last night Stephen asked to see my penis. Here's the exchange after his bath last night while we were drying him off and getting him in PJ's.

S: "Mommy when will I get my new boobies"
Me: "New boobies?"
S: "Big boobies"
Me: "Stephen only girls get big boobies because boy's have a penis."
S: "No - everyone has a penis"
Me: "Stephen only boys have a penis"
S: "Mommy can I see your penis"
Me: "Stephen mommy doesn't have a penis because I'm a girl. You are a boy so you have a penis"
S: "Where do you go pee?"
Me: "Girls have a vagina and sit to pee"
S: "Can I see your penis"
Me: "Stephen - GIRLS don't have a penis. Do we need to ask Keith?"
S: "Yes"
(at this point he's now dressed in PJ's and we walk out to the living room to ask Keith if girls have a penis)
Me: "Keith - Stephen has something to ask you. Go ahead Stephen"
S: "Keith - do girls have a penis?"
K: "No Stephen, girls don't have a penis"
Me to S: "Okay"
S: "Okay"

As you can imagine at this point Keith is just looking at me weird so I explain the whole situation. Yup - definitely time to not just run around naked in front of him any more.

At least I've escaped explaining my period to him for another month!!

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TxGambit said...

LMAO!!!! Oh that was too good. And yep probably a sign to stop.