Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things kids say.....

Most of the funny stuff I have from my kids is from Stephen....he's the oldest, around more, and unlike Tyler can talk. Here is what I've heard from Stephen sometime during the last 4 days.

"Mom I look cool don't I!!!" (Yeah, he's 4 going on 16.....great)

"Mommy stop talking so I can goto sleep, I'm tired" (Yes, he really did say this to me just tonight as I was tucking him into bed.)

"Mommy Tyler's trying to bite my bootie!!!!"

"Mom - I'm gettin' to big for my bed." (Yeah right - you sleep in a twin and you're only 4!!)

"Mommy you don't need to get bigger. I need to get bigger." (Thanks alot - however he wants to be "big" soo bad and I've convinced him that vitamins will make him big and strong. This was his way of telling me that I don't need vitamins to grow-up. Yes - this is what I tell myself to make me feel better.)

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