Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our car woes

A month ago we had to replace two tires on my '99 Maxima. The other two were still good, but would need to be replaced this summer. Well - that was wrong. One of the old tires started to go bad so we were hoping it would last until I went on maternity leave. Wrong again. Had to replace the other two tires yesterday.

Kicker is that K's grandparents are back in town from their winter vacation in Arizona and needed to drive to Chicago. They wanted to take the BMW, but that didnt' work as we just took it into the shop the day before as it wouldn't always shift into overdrive. And when that happens the fastest you could go was 50mph.....not fun if you're driving 12-18hrs. So, we volunteered my Maxima. Of course I've been telling K for a few weeks now that I think one of the tires is bad. He drove my car said it was fine......until yesterday when he realized how bad it was.

SO - K's grandparents still took my car and were kind enough to stop at Wal-Mart and get two new tires and a lube, oil, and filter as well as replacing the windshield wipers. We paid for the repairs of course, they just did it on their way outa town.

Oh, it gets we've got some mysterious leak on the minivan. Great. It doesn't seem too bad now so hopefully that CAN wait until my maternity leave.

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