Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some days it's not worth it to get outa bed. . . .

. . . .starting around 8pm last night everything has just gone to shit. K's grandparents borrowed my car since it gets better gas mileage than anything they have and they were driving to Chicago. They still have it as they're heading back, but last night 'round 8pm they called to tell us they locked my one and only key in the car. Luckily I have remote start and access so I just drove up this morning to where they left my car and unlocked it, retrieved the keys and dropped them off.

However, last night after getting home around 9:30pm I was carrying the T-man into (S was wtih Daddy) the house. I step on a toy and trip and fall. Landed on my knees, left elbow, and right hand. Biddy Boy was more scared than anything, but trying to do the splits when almost 37 wks pregnant on one's knees is not a good thing. Slept like crap last night so I came into work late.

Once at work I had to officers complaining about how things were being paid even though their own managers (and my boss) had told them I was doing it correctly. Then I went to get a Diet Sprite and the machine dispenses bottled water instead. Now I can't print from one of the applications I use, my Outlook (e-mail) has died, and Excel is now starting to freak out on me.

Oh, never mind the $50 it took to fill-up the minivan. I'm about to say f-it and head home even though it's 4pm and I usually work until 6pm.

I'm hoping this is just a 24hr Bad Luck bug....and my 8pm tonight everything should be back to normal. Well, normal as my house/life can get.

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