Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Being too good at what you do can be a curse

And for those of you with dirty minds - get your mind outta the gutter!! (However, I do appreciate finding a kindred spirit!)

Anyhoo - back in January 2006 I took on a new role/job here at dUMB Bank. Got a new boss, got a bigger desk, still kept my flexible hours as long as I put in 40 hrs a week, did lose my work from home one day a week and didn't get a raise, but I actually had a job to do and I knew I would like it.

After two months in my new job I found countless errors of overpayments and even some underpayments of incentives for one division (7 different plans). So, not only was I doing the monthly and quarterly incentive payments I was doing research and analysis. Then after 1st quarter my boss adds another division to my calculation list. Things are going okay - I have just enough to keep me busy as most of the problems from division #1 have been resolved.

Then for the 2nd quarter I get another division added - so now I'm up to 3. Division #2 has major problems that are taking all of my time. Division #1 has new problems popping up all over the place and Division #3 is just a problem in itself.

As you can see I'm slowly running out of time and my request for help the last couple of times I've meet with my boss have seemed to fallen on deaf ears. Now we do get a management rotation program peon - but that person will only be here 3 or 4 months at a time. So by the time I get someone caught up to speed I get to start over.

Here's where the title of my post comes into play. My boss thought we were going to need to hire someone full-time back in May, but since I was doing such a great job and got more accomplished than he expected he cancelled the request. Which now makes it difficult to get us anyone else. The word DUMBASS comes to mind.

Then the icing on the cake is that I need to work with our computer/programming geeks to get all of this automated. When the hell am I to find the time?!?!?! You see this was to be a temporary assignment until things were automated but that too has taken longer than expected.

So - doing my job well and getting recognition has come back to bite me in the ass big time. However, I know in the end I'll be looked down upon when things don't get done even though I did ask for help. I'm a smart woman and I know my limitations - and pretty soon (oh in about a week here) I'm going to drown.

Can someone send me a cute male life guard to do CPR please?!?!?!

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