Thursday, March 26, 2009

On to child #2 with an IEP

IEP = Individual Education Plan

It really sucks that Biddy Boy (T) needs speech therapy as well as S. However, it really wasn't a surprise. Yes, his speech had improved since starting preshool, but we still can't always understand him and he'll be 4 here in 3mos. So he'll be getting 20 minutes of speech therpay M-R when at preschool to work on his pronunciation.

I am amazed that T has basically the same problem as S - even with completely different personalities. But why did they both have to inherit this from me? Yes, I too needed speech well as my brother. Seriously here....why couldn't he inherited my cute butt....rather than his father's? (BTW - his father has no butt.)

Chant to self: focus on the positives, focus on the positives

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