Monday, October 23, 2006

Of sickness, cars, kids, and life

Hmmmm......what's been going on the last 3 or 4 weeks at our little abode

1. Stephen - some bronchial thing. Was sick for a few days, but got over it pretty quick.
2. Tyler - caught some nasty stomach bacteria that cause bloody diarhhea and the worst case of diaper rash I had ever seen. (Ended up having to use a prescription cream that was an antibacterial, antifungal, and steriod to clear it up.)
3. Stephen's birthday and party - of course a child came to the party sick and exposed all of us to Whooping Cough. (JOY!! Luckily the antibotic Tyler was on killed the crap he had and this so no one came down sick.)
4. Found out I'm pregnant - not sure when I'm due but we're guessing early June. Major OOOPS, but life goes on.
5. Traded ex-H his BMW for our minivan.....of course did this before I figured out I was pregnant. Now we're looking for a large SUV to replace not only the BMW, but Keith's truck. Need something large enough to not only haul 4 kids and 2 adulst comfortably but that call haul the trailer with the 4-wheelers in them, but isn't tooo old and doesn't cost much more than $7,000 (which is what we think we can sell the other two cars for).

Whew - think that's it. Oh, and if any family is reading this I'll kill you if you tell your parents about #4. We're waiting until my Oct 30 appointment before we say anything.

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