Tuesday, October 24, 2006

$90 worth of prescription butt cream

Yes, you read that right. Due to T's bacterial infection he developed some majorily bad diaper rash, and Desitin, et al weren't doing the trick. So, off on Sunday we goto the doctor. Doc prescribes the super duper diaper rash cream. Went to the pharmacy to get it filled and they only gave us a tablespoon of butt cream for $18. Of course as much as the boy was poopin' we had it refilled on Monday - same amount of cream for another $18. By this time we're going through the stuff pretty quickly so I finally call the docs office and ask for a larger quantity. Get that called into the pharmacy and my mom just happens to be in town so she volunteered to pick it up.........only to call me later. It was $50 f-ing dollars. I told her pay for it.....the boy's butt is all red and we're going to need it. Plus this shit is the bomb!!! His butt when from "OMG that's nasty" to "Hey that's looking sooo much better" in 36 hours.

Hmmm.......so mentally in my head $18 rounds up to $20, so $20 + $20 + $50 makes $90 we spent in 3 days for super duper diaper rash cream. Now the $50 co-pay on my insurance is for "controlled substances". In my mind I'm trying to figure out why a butt cream that had to be compounded and contains a steriod, antibacterial, and antifungal would be considered a controlled substance. Seriously - did my health insurance really think my almost 17mo old son could become addicted to his butt cream????? Can't you just see him grabing the cream and a diaper and begging to be changed even though he's not wet or poopie!!!

Anyhoo - called my insurance company and come to find out rather than listing each drug seperately the pharmacy gave this super duper diaper rash cream a name......a name that was not covered which meant it got a $50 co-pay. So now I'm off to fight and get almost all of my $$$$ back......per the gal on the phone "you shouldn't have paid more than $20 total for all 3 prescriptions". Joy.

Now I'm just waiting for the claim form.........luckily I'm anal and of course I have everything showing the 3 meds they used and my 3 receipts with the amount paid. Sometimes it comes in handy to be an anal retentive accounting geek. :)

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