Monday, November 27, 2006

Let's play catch! (Catch-up that is!)

Anyhoo - let's see:

1. I'm 12 wks pregnant - and yes the rents know. This will be number 4 in our household (#3 that I'll have given birth to). Yes, even after 3 boys I'd love to have another.....the thought of a girl scares the living sh-it outta me! The best part is that I have yet to gain a pound per my scale at home......I vow not to gain the 30lbs like I did with Tyler and Stephen.

2. Stephen's still doing great in school - we have about 1-3 bad days a month (usually when he's over-tired or not feeling well). He's becoming a pretty good big brother - even with the "Tyler/Raymond is bothering me" episodes.

3. Raymond has turned into the Terrible 3's monster. We get told "No" to absolutely everything. Better yet we hear "my arm/leg/etc is broken, you do it". Teach me to ask him the ol' "Is your arm/leg/etc broken? No? Then you can do it."

4. Tyler - he's an independent little cuss and a spitfire. He's now decided he needs to stand on the step stool when brushing teeth and refuses to let me help. Oh, and the tantrums are hysterical. Tell him "no" and we lay down on the floor and start crying and trying to be dramatic. (My mother of course thinks this is just down right funny as her curse has come true.)

5. Keith is really liking the stay-at-home-dad gig. However, I think he's a little worried about next Fall when I go back to work after maternity leave. He'll have an almost 6yo, a 2yo, and a 3mo old to watch after. Luckily Gma Sue is close if he needs a little sanity break.

6. Work - still swamped, but now I know I'll get some help as I gotta train someone to do my job while I'm out 11wks on maternity leave. However, I'm a little nervous as I'm afraid I'm going to have a lot of problems to clean-up.

Hmmm.....think that's about it. Questions?? Comments?? Anyone??

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TxGambit said...

You would be surprised how a girl would fit right in. ;)

It is still a little earlier to find out but I do hope you get another boy!