Wednesday, February 21, 2007

FINALLY - I can get in and post!!

Okay - switched over to's new format and for some reason I haven't been able to get in lately. So - here's the latest in our little family.

Stephen - Per his teacher he's definitely ready for K next year. This is such a relief. I was sooo afraid he wouldn't be ready, but the behavior modification/medication, etc seemed to have really helped. Occasionally Stephen does have bad days, but the good still out weigh the bad. Now that my dad built a rail and ladder for the top bunk S get's to sleep up on top when he's had a good day.......and right now a good day is all smiley faces from school and no hitting.

Raymond - Is finally potty trained during the day. However, we'll still end-up with two in diapers here in a few months. He's doing good - and will be ready for preschool this next fall.

Tyler - Well, he's just a little pistol. Into everything and eats everything in sight. His four eye teeth finally cut all he's got left is his 2yo molars. He's still addicted to his bottle, but he only gets it at naptime and bedtime. Slowly working on getting rid of it at nap time, but Daddy keeps giving in. He's slowly getting a vocab going: dada, thank you, ut-oh, love you, owie, out, up, and down.

The Bean - well, the bean is a girl. So far we've agreed upon Addison Sue Margaret for a name. (Addy for short.) Kinda nervous - this is unchartered territory afterall. At least we can start getting rid of the boy baby clothes for now. Now we just get to wait until after May 25th - hopefully we'll know a c-section date sometime in April.

Misc Stuff - Keith and I are doing good. Him doing the SAHD thing is awesome. My work is kicking butt - but hopefully a proposal I put in will get approved.

Think that's it for now.

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