Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's that wet spot?

That was the question Friday night and most of the day Saturday.

We have (had) carpet in our kitchen. Some crappy blue stuff about the texture of office carpet. It has multiple stains and overall just looks like shit. Seriously what dumbass puts carpet in a kitchen??? Then again - what morons buy a house with carpet in the kitchen with 4 kids??? Anyhoo - making dinner Friday night notice a spot of wet carpet by the dishwasher. Put down a towel - step on it to soak it up and all looks good. Get up Saturday and the same damn spot is there and I swear its wetter than it was the night before. Get another towel and all seems good. Since Saturday was sooo friggin' beautiful we headed to the park. We get home after the park and lunch, and that damn spot is still wet and wetter than when we left.

Okay - that's it. Ask K to rip up the carpet to see what the hell is going on. Can't you tell where this is going??? Do that and the pad and floor underneath (shitty old 70's linoleum) is soaked. So we ripped up ALL the carpet, ALL the padding, ALL the tack strips, and the zillion staples. Pull out the fridge - no leakage. Look under the dishwasher - looks good. Under the sink - good, but just in case cut a hole to check it out. Still looks good, but there's been some recent water near the front.

SO - we run the dishwasher and sure enough the bastard is leaking. GRRRREEEEAAAATTTT - NOT!!!

Our dishwasher is having a good ol' time with the old carpet and padding out on our deck.

My hands and arm muscles still hurt from pulling up all those damn staples. Seriously someone got a little too happy playing with the staple gun. However, removing all that crap is what we wanted to do eventually just not now. We don't have $$ for the new flooring we want nor the new dishwasher we'll need. Oh well - maybe by X-mas Santa will be nice and help us out.

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