Friday, July 17, 2009

Why does he take it soooo personally?

R, my step-son, was 12 days shy of the cut-off to start Kindergarten last fall. So K's ex-w decides to have him attend private K at his current daycare center for the '08-'09 school year. Basically the same price for daycare - so no real big difference. Accademically he does great and he does pretty well socially. Especially since there's only like 10 kids there.

Anyhoo - fast forward to this Spring. R's mom has him tested and he's been admitted into the public school system as a first grader for this fall. '09-'10 school year. Well the boy is smart, but he's very whinny and is really lacking maturity.

I inform K of this that maybe having R goto 1st is a big mistake and that he should really repeat Kindergarten. This way he's on par with his peers and rather than being the youngest he's one of the oldest.

Well K is taking it as a personal attack on him. Even after I've explained that I think most of R's childish and immature behavior is because his mom babies him and waits on him hand and food. Then again K won't really bring this up to her 'cause then she takes it personally and a fight ensues. With those two it takes just one little spark to set-off an arguement....which is probably why he doesn't like talking to her. I've even heard him ask as in regards to R's best interest and she still gets defensive, etc.

Oh well - apparently R was just being a butt this morning and K has realized he does need to talk to her about his behavior as it's getting out of hand.

Somedays I'd just love to call her and lay it on the line for her because she needs a big reality check when it comes to K and R. Really do wish they made a "clue-by-4" as she needs a good smack with one.

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