Monday, June 27, 2011

Have they taken gender neutral too far??

IMO - Yes and No.

Yes - not using "him" or "her" doesn't teach the child that there is a difference between being female or male.  Those differences should be embraced...not hidden as of something to be ashamed of.  I think gender equality could be attainded more by what the children are exposed to rather than ignoring the difference between the girlie girl and the manly man.

No - I think they have a good idea, but their approach is a little off.  None of my boys ever wanted to play dress up.  Even after Halloween when they all had their costumes.  However, now that my daughter is 4yo and wants to play dress up the boys have gotten into it and will help her dress up and they'll participate by dressing up in old Halloween costumes.  Yes, my sweet husband just rolls his eyes, but neither he nor I stop them.  It's all fun, and for once all 4 are playing well together.  Once again it's what they're exposed to - if everything they're exposed to is treated equally then doesn't that help to eliminate the differences in gender?

Along the lines of thought in my comment under the "No" section - my boys have always loved helping me cook, bake, etc.  I encourage it as some day they will be adults and will need to fend for themselves - even if it is just making Mac 'n Cheese or Ramen Noodles.  Then there's my daughter that loves to get the same toy as the boys in a Happy Meal.  She's right there with them taking sticks and making a gun out of them, or playing some other game.  She's defnitely a girlie-girl with a big dash of tomboy thrown in for good measure.  (Picture a 3yo in her Cinderella costume in the sandbox making sand angels with the biggest grin.)

Maybe I'm off base....then again I am the mother that paints her sons' tonenails right along with her daugher's .  :D

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