Monday, June 06, 2011

Medication Roulette

T's medication roulette since his Aug 2010 diagnosis of PDD-NOS/ADHD:

* The first medication T was on for his ADHD, Metadate 20mg, worked - but it just didn't last throughout the day as it was intended. (He was on this for 2-3 mos)

* Next there was Vyvanse 20mg - worked, and lasted as long as was intended, but something just wasn't quiet right. (He was on this at least 6mos)

* 3rd bet was on Concerta 27mg.  OMG the boy was just out of it.  Called the Dr office and they prescribed 18mg.  Seemed to work, but everytime we tried it w/in 48hrs he had an awful cough, runny nose and fever.  (He was on this for a month.)

* Back to Vyvanse 20mg to finish out the school year - 4 weeks left, cross your fingers he has more good days than bad.

* Now we're trying Synaptol.  It might be a whole bunch of bulshit...but it's cheaper than the ADHD meds and figured we owed it to T to at least try.

Then there's his anxiety issues, the stuttering, lack of appetite, and chronic runny nose.  We have no idea if any of these are the result of the medication or if they were exacerbated by the medication.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I was just wondering whether Synaptol helped at all. I have a 9-year old boy who's inattentive ADHD type and I just want him off meds. I'm currently looking into and for some working-memory training but was considering Synaptol also.