Friday, August 25, 2006

Doctors, Medicines, and Test - Oh My!!

Well after countless sessions with the therapist, and everyone completing the "Connors Assesment" Stephen has been diagnoised with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and ADHD. He's now on Metadate. We started Wed, Aug 23rd at 10mg and began to see slight but noticeable changes in his ability to focus. Today, Tues Aug 29th we increased the dosage to 20mg. He's more somber and just looked sad overall before getting on the bus for school. I really think that 10mg wasn't strong enough, but that 20mg is too strong.

Then there's the behavior modification therapy. Basically we're to use timeout more.......okay, I don't get this. I know I (and I do mean I) need help in dealing with him as he's got it in his little mind that Mommy's a push over. I know it's us as the parental units that need the behavior modification rather than Stephen. Once our behavior is more appropriate in dealing with him then he should fall in line. Really the boy is only reacting to his environment and all the crap that he's gone through since birth.

Let's see:
  1. 15mo old - new daycare
  2. 18mo old - overnight stay in hospital
  3. 18mo - 3yo - sick and home with mom 2 dys every 2-3 weeks
  4. 20mo old - beginning of daily zyrtec
  5. 25mo old - speech therapy and we move
  6. 28mo old - start on flovent daily
  7. 2.5yo - mom and dad seperate, mom moves in with her parents
  8. 2.75yo - mom moves into apartment with another man, dad starts dating woman with own child
  9. 3yo - mom moves again & starts dating
  10. 3.25yo - dealing with step-sibling at mom's house
  11. 3.5yo - arrival of new baby brother
  12. 3.75yo - leave daycare and move again (mom), start new "school"
  13. 4yo - dad moves into another house with previously mentioned girlfriend
  14. 4.25yo - stop all asthma related meds.
  15. 4yo-4.5yo - at 3 different daycares due to his behavior issues
  16. 4.5yo - dad remarries, dad moves again

With all of that no wonder the boys has issues and problems. I honestly believe that once we get his ODD under control that there will really be no need for the ADHD medication. I think it's a by product of him being unhappy and ODD.

Oh well - overall I'm in a weird place in my life. Glad that Stephen's getting help, but I don't think it's enough help.

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