Thursday, August 31, 2006

Return of Snot Monster and Mr Pissy

For the last month or so we've had 100 degree weather everyday (give or take a few degrees). However, last weekend it started to cool down into the 80's which was heaven......until, Tyler started to have green snot running out his nose on Tuesday night. Of course that night he slept like shit and was up 5 or 6 times.....I lost count after a while. Last night was okay, up only twice but the second time was at 5am and he decided he was up for the day. Great - not only did I not get to work on time my ass is draggin even more.

However, it was nice this morning to introduce Tyler to the classic cartoons of Tom & Jerry while we grabed handfulls of Yogurt Cheerio's out of the box to munch on. He loved both, and after a while refused to let me get his Cheerio's out - he had to do that himself.

Oh well - Left Snot Monster doped up on PediaCare and Ibuprofen with Daddy this morning. Hope he gets a nap in before Mr Pissy makes an appearance - otherwise Daddy will be Mr Pissy tonight when I get home.

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