Friday, August 25, 2006

Moo Moo & Woof Woof

Tyler - the cutest toddler currently on the face of Earth has entered into what I like to call the Parot stage of development. Within the last two weeks Tyler has picked-up on the following:
1. Woof Woof
2. Moo Moo
3. How to bang his head up and down - to music even
4. How to furrow his brow
5. How to take his shirt off (if at least one arm is already out)
6. Car noises - while driving them around

Never mind the fact that we've been working with him for over 4 mos to say the ellusive "Mama" and/or "Dada". Guess we should be grateful that he hasn't decided to just blurt out "Oh SHIT!"

1 comment:

Derkeling said...

Have no fear. Am sure that he'll choose to yell "Oh, shit!" while in the most crowded place possible. That's what kids are for.