Monday, August 27, 2007

Curious George watch out!!

T will give you a run for your money. We've been our new house for little over two weeks. As you can imagine most things are still in boxes, and only recently have we been able to get the boy's room somewhat unpacked and organized. Until then this is what T has found to entertain himself.

1. Inflatable ring for the pool - he loves to step into this and pull it up to his waist and bump into things as well as put it around his ankles and shuffle around the floor.
2. Toothbrush - he's going to have the cleanest teeth
3. Sippy cups - they're great to stack and unstack
4. Boxes - of course empty ones are every where
5. Floor tile - we're tearing up the laminent floor in the basement and T's been helping.

He's also been getting into everything, and taking his clothes off. (He's the poster child for the toddler nudest colony.) Unfortunately we can only keep him clean for about an hour at best.

However, he's cute, he's entertained, isn't causing much more of a mess than what was already there - so why not let the boy have some fun.

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