Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why now does he want to be a father to the boy ? ?

Is it because he'll be 6 in October? Is it because he can just sit the boy in front of the TV, computer, or video game all day? Why? I seriously want to know.

Even though he couldn't take care of him for the 2 years he was unemployed, and had me put him in daycare. As well as, made me use all of my sick/vaction/paid-time-off to care for him when he was sick for 3 years. He thinks he can now be a father?? Or does he just want to be "fun daddy"?

I unfortunately gave him the door with which to open up the issue of custody. The last 2 times I've moved and the last 3 times he's moved neither has required the 30-day written notice be sent via registered and certified mail. However, I move out-of-state (40 miles away) and all hell breaks loose.

Not only did he file a motion to get immediate full custody of Stephen while we wait on a custody evaluation, but he got the judge to sign a restraining order against me from removing the child from the state of KS. All of this the Friday we moved and a week before S was to start school - more specifically Kindergarten.

Luckily my parents were kind enough to keep Stephen from Friday August 10th through Monday August 20th as we'd already moved 75% of our junk by the time I was served with the restraining order. The 20th of course being the first day of school. Our lawyers were able to meet with the Judge on the 20th and got things temporarily straightened out. Basically I get S throughout the week so that he can attend school, but he gets to spend all of his weekends with "fun daddy" until our Dec 13th court date.

My lawyer told me I was being punished by the Judge for not filing the 30-dy notice as required by KS law, and I was being made to be the authoritarian figure. Well, shit.....I'm that already....no big punishment there.....except I do miss out on the quality time of every other weekend.

So after everything's said and done I got the boy back the night of the 20th and he started school on the 21st. Now I just sit back and wait for ex-H to do something stupid and for the custody evaluation to start.

Dec 13th can't come soon enough.

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