Monday, August 09, 2010

He's as Asshole. . .

. . . an inconsiderate moronic asshole.  No, not my sweet attentive ex-H, aka DSSD (dip-shit sperm donor).

This weekend was his weekend with S.  However, MO was having their tax-free weekend and I wanted to take S back-to-school shopping on Friday night I requested we exchange Saturday morning.  He agreed.

No mind you he lives in Lawrence, KS and we live in Raytown, MO - about 50 miles.  There's no good "meet in the middle" spot so on Friday we usually do the one closer to him (DeSoto), and on Sunday we usually do the one closer to me (Woodland Rd).  Well Saturday he drive 3/4 of the way to meet K with S & R at the Hobby Store.

SO - trying to be fair and nice I text him (the only way he'll communicate with me) 7pm at DeSoto on Sunday?  He agrees.  Well it was pretty hot and the a/c in the car only works so-so, plus construction detour, etc so I texted him Sunday mid-morning asking if we could change it to 7:30pm still at DeSoto.  He agrees.

As I'm leaving the house at 7pm to meet him at 7:30pm I get a text stating "we're here".  I of course respond - well, since we were meeting at 7:30 I'm just leaving the house.  Fine whatever - they can wait on me for once.  Plus there's McD's there so if need be they can get the boy something to eat.

As I'm driving - delayed by the detour (stupid sink hole in the highway) - and almost to DeSoto I get another text telling me they're in the shade at Wendy's.  Wendy's????  WTF - do not tell me they went to Woodland Rd.  Text and ask - and lo and behold yes they are at Woodland Rd.

I don't even respond, take the next exit and turn around.  DSSD then calls wondering when I'll be there.  I polietly mention that since we were meeting at 7:30pm in DeSoto that that is where I was....but I have turned around and headed back to Woodland Rd (which is 6 miles from DeSoto).

So I got to spend an extra 15 minutes driving to get the boy last night 'cause that shit head can't remember WTF is going on.  Once again proof from the Universe that us being divorced is a good thing.

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