Monday, August 30, 2010

First packet of paper work. . . .

. . . . arrived on Friday - from the St of Mo.  So we took Baby A to the park to play and K and I filled it out.  Really I filled it out - K just signed here and there and gave me his SSN when needed.  It's going out in the mail today.  I have a feeling we make to much to get any free services - which is going to suck because we can't afford to pay for his treatment.  Well we can - be we'd have to go into some serious debt.  Which we'll do if we have to, but we're "this close" to being debt free.  By Jan 2012 we would've had K's grandparents paid off, and the 2 remaining 401(k) loans.  I know we can take out a hardship w/drawal from my 401(k) but there's hardly anything in there now.

I just keep telling myself - get him services, then we'll worry about how to pay for them.

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