Friday, July 15, 2011

15mos w/o Cable TV

April 2010 we turned off our cable (aka Dish network).  Since then we've been using a basic attena on our old tube TV, and watching Netflix through our Wii.

Christmas 2010 we got a deal on a HDTV and were able to get HD channels w/our attena as well as still watch Netflix through our Wii.

Around that same time my parents gots us a nice Sony Blue-Ray player what was WiFi ready.  Now we can watch Netflix in our bedroom.

We don't watch many TV shows/series so this works for us.  Our kids still get to watch movies and cartoons either through the local channels or Netflix. 

The best is that our $100+/mo cable bill is now only $10 for our Netflix subscription.  Which is a good thing as all that money we saved is now going towards our grocery bill.  :(

Yes, we did spend some $$ upfront to get the two antennas (less than $100 total) - we don't count the new TV as we were buying that regardless of having cable or not.  It was our Christmas present to ourselves.  :)

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