Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The little things that remind me of my kids

Even though I have a great pic of all 4 kids as my wallpaper on my work computer it always amazes me the weird and little things that remind me of my kids:

1.  Recently had to resupply my personal stash of sticky notes - they had purple, blue and green along w/the traditional yellow.  I opted for the purple (Baby A's favorite color), blue (T's favorite color) and green (R & S's favorte colors).  Now which one do I use first?

2. Any of the little kids waiting with their mom/dad at the bus stops by the Bank.

3. When listening to Pandora.com - if a song w/a good beat comes on I immediately picture Baby A dancing away.

4. Cottage cheese - T asks for it ALL the time, and everytime I see it on the salad bar in the deli here at work his little voice pops in my head asking for some.

5. Crap in the vending machines - it's all the bad stuff the kids love that I rarely let them have.

6. My re-usable water bottle/cup at work - if I ever do bring it home I'm bombarded by T and Baby A for a drink.

7. Toilet paper - yes, toilet paper.  Baby A either doesn't use any or uses way to much.  (Can you tell I've dug a few handfuls of toilet paper out of the toilet when she's used to much.)

8. Highlighters - any time K brings the kids to my office for a visit Baby A wants to color and uses my highlighters.  I have some great highlighter art hanging in my cube at work

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