Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some of our bad parent moments . . . .

1. During the summer we hardly bathe the kids - as they're usually outside playing in the blow-up pool, water guns or slip 'n slide.  Plus they all excema and frequent bathing will irritate it.

2. Baby A is my only child that'll wear PJ's to bed....the boys all insist on boxer briefs and sometimes a t-shirt

3. Give T & S their ADHD meds even on the weekends even though we've been told we don't have to

4.  Been known to send the kids to bed w/o brushing their teeth

5. Only way to get Baby A to goto bed is to bribe her w/laying in Mommy/Daddy's bed and watching "Blues Clues"

6.  Been known to make PBJ for b-fast, lunch and dinner all in one day.  Hey - they asked for it so why not?!?!

7. Half the time the kids go outside we forget sunscreen or bug repellent spray or both

8.  Baby A loves to fold towels - and I gladly let her.  And yes, I don't re-do them - just take what she folded and put 'em in the linen closet.

9.  Been known to lock myself in the bathroom for a lot longer than it takes to go pee.

10.  Can't do this w/ the boys 'cause they're getting too big or T just moves too much, but when Baby A is the first awake on a weekend day we have her come sleep w/us as 99% of the time she'll go back to sleep and so do we.

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