Friday, April 13, 2007

Latest on the "Bean" front

Had my 32 wk check-up yesterday afternoon. I've lost another 4 lbs, but per my doc that's okay since it means I'm doing good on the diabetic diet and my glucose numbers look good. (Overall I've only gained 2lbs total - YEA!!!) Measured a week bigger, but that's to be expected. The "Bean's" heartrate was around 140.....until she starting doing her swimming exercises and jumped up to 153....which is normal.

Well, that's the good news. Bad news is that starting next week I go twice weekly for non-stress tests. The tests aren't bad I just lie around for 30-45 minutes while the monitor the "Bean" and see if I'm having any contractions. No biggie. Unfortunately I have to do these test with the Sonogram/Ultrasound Tech. She's only in from 9am-4pm M-T, 1pm-4pm Wed, out Thurs and 1pm-4pm on Fridays. Do you know how much work I have to miss!?!?! I figured out it's about 6 hours a week.

This is soooo not good. I finally have someone to train at work, and I don't want to burn my PTO (paid time off) for this crap. I'd like to have some time left to take off once I'm back from maternity leave. Hopefully my boss won't turn into bosshole about me making up the time during the week.

Another reason this is my last child......don't think I could go through 9 mos of all of these appointments, diet, and testing.

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Mayberrys said...

Well that sucks! (About the 6 hours, that is).
Here's hoping the Bosshole is nice to you...