Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our flowers survived Mother Nature's ill will!!!

During the same weekend that the boys were digging for worms I decided to buy some cheap Dollar General packets of flower seeds and their cheap potting soil. (I spent a grand total of $7 - $1 for four packets of seeds, and $3 each for 2 bags of potting soil.) The weekend before the cold weather hit they had just started to sprout....then a week of cold weather......and this week it's beautiful out and they're still alive!!

The boys are all excited, but impatient at the same time for the flowers to grow and bloom. However, we've been using it as a good teaching experience about how things take time to grow. And with a new baby soon to arrive who won't be able to play immediately this is an important lesson.

On a side note: the iris' my dad transplanted from my mother's garden may not make it. They were planted the same weekend we planted our cheap-o flowers.

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Biana said...

Keep up the good work.