Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Things nobody tells you about pregnancy....

....cause if they did there'd be a decline in the population of the human race.

Okay, I'm only half serious here, but being that this is my third time being pregnant you'd think I'd know just about everything.....NOT. So for those that are thinking about getting pregnant or those that have been here's my little pieces of trivia on the subject.

1. Did you know that if you've geen diagnoised with Gestational Diabetes a quick ultrasound and measurement of fluid will tell whether or not you've been lying about your glucose numbers? Apparently if you have a lot of fluid then you haven't been keeping your numbers under control.

2. Did you know you'd get weird pains where you never thought you could get weird pains. I'm talking about pelvis spreading, to muscle spasms in your ribs, to cramps in places you didn't even know you had muscles.

3. Getting kicked in your cervix or belly button from the inside is just as painful as it sounds. Seriously the cervix is worse, but the belly button is a close 2nd.

4. If you have a c-section did you know they'll remove the staples before you go home and replace them with some super duper sticky "band-aids"? I shit you not....kinda freaks one out the first time.

5. Did you know that you most likely won't feel the epidural when you're in labor.....however, without labor it is pretty uncomfortable. With my first son I was already in labor when they decided to do the c-section.....I was in more pain from the contractions than from the epidural itself. However, with my second son we went straight for the c-section and the pain from the epidural was a little bit of a shock.

6. You can break your tailbone during labor....not just delivery and not know it. My labor with my first son progressed so fast that and he dropped pretty quick that he broke my tailbone.....yes, it can happen with a vaginal delivery, but since I had a c-section no one suspected that was my problem for 2 years.

7. You're hair will change....and not for the better. No amount of moisturizing shampoo or conditioner will help my hair. And then after delivery I'll shed profussly and my straight hair will gain some natural curl. Go figure.

8. Towards the end of your preganacy you'll need a sign that states when you're due, what the gender is, and what number this is for you.....oh, and if you have other children what their ages are and gender. Everybody and their dog will stop and ask you.....especially at work.

9. Any good sneeze or cough and you'll wet yourself. Mostly happens during the 3rd trimester....but can happen anytime. Yes, even after you just went to the bathroom.

10. Vaginal discharge. Not a pleasant topic, but it'll get annoying. I swear it's worse with each pregnancy. How stupid do I feel buying panty liners while pregnant?

11. Memory loss.....yes, this really does happen. Before pregnancy I could walk into a room maybe once a month and wonder what I'm doing there.....during pregnancy and during the first few sleep deprived months after giving birth it'll occur 2-3 times a day. Annoying yes...but hey it's exercise all that walking around trying to figure out why you're where you're at!

This is what I have so far.......oh, and for those wanting to get pregnant don't can't be all bad if I'm willing to do it 3 times and would have more if we would financially and emotionally aford it.

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