Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ugh.....5 1/2 is too young for his first visit to the Principal's office

Background: S is in a pre-K program that is grant funded but run by the school district. He currently attends the local grade school for this program. (It's also where he'll goto K next year.)

Friday night I get home and go through S's backpack from school. He doesn't have school on Friday's, but since he went to his dad's on Thursday night I knew I needed to check it. On his daily progress report is the following hand written note from his teacher "Stephen had to talk to the Principal about NOT standing on the toilet in the boy's bathroom". Yes, the NOT was underlined.

How embarassing is that?!?!? I know it stems from my post of yesterday about his dad's move which is yet another reason I'm pissed at the man. Never mind the man has NEVER looked in S's backpack to see how he did in school that day.

Of course we talked about it. Bascially what rules apply at home apply at school and vice versa. Unfortunately it was too late for any punishment (aka sleeping on the bottom bunk versus top), but I did tell him how disappointed/sad I was that he got in trouble. Which hopefully got the point through to him. Deep down I know he wants to be a good kid, but if I can't get his dad to help out I can only do so much.

At least he seems to be somewhat better this week.......knock on wood.

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