Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cute Stories

T: The day of A's birth I couldn't have anything to eat until I could stop throwing up. Finally I was able to get a nice liquid dinner. K & T were there, and when the nurse came in with my meal he started clapping. It was the cutest dang thing and the nurse said she wished she'd get that kind of reception from all of her patients.

S: Informed me the day before A's delivery that he wanted to see her being born. I had to tell him that they only allow K in there, but he will come up with Grandma Sue later in the day to see her and me. Oh, and when I call A Addy I'm informed that her name is Addison, not Addy.

R: Kept asking her name, and when we'd tell him he'd repeat it and act like he got it.....but then 5 minutes later would ask again. He'd also would tell anyone he say that A was his baby.

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