Saturday, June 02, 2007

The details

Mom made it to our house at 5:20am, and we were off around 5:40am. Got to the hospital around 6:15am. Around 7:30am they had me walk over to the OR. Got my spinal and they got me situated before having Keith come in a little before 8am.

Took them a few good pushes on my belly to get her out, but out she did pop. She was bloody and blue - which kinad freaked me out, and I think that's why Keith had to leave. He felt sick to his stomach - and having very little sleep, no food, and only coffee probably didn't help either. The Nursery Nurse took her to get her warmed up and suctioned out, and they continued to put everything back and due the tubal. Most of the OR staff thought it was funny I thought at 7lb 8oz she was small......until my doc informed them that until her my smallest was 8lb 8oz.

I was back in my room at 8:45am, and as soon as I was comfortably in bed they brought her to me. Took her a few tries, but she latched on and wanted the boob. Unfortunately none of my kids latch on correctly, so we're working on that. For those that care we're using a nipple shield until the owies I have heal and we can wean her off of that.

Due to my gestational diabetes her blood sugar levels were low, but after 24hrs she was within normal and no more tests. And just so she wasn't out done by her brothers she decided she wanted to be jaundice as well, and spent a good 24 hrs under the lights. I got up every 2-2.5hrs to nurse her whether she was hungry or not, and after 24 hrs her levels went from a high 13 to a low 9. Only needed it under 12 to go home, but the lower the level was when we went home the less likely we'd have to come back in for more blood work on Monday.

I really need to send up something nice for the nursing staff at the hospital. They all were great, especially when she was under the lights and knew I just wanted someone to talk to. I'm thinking we're (aka my mom) gonna make up some cinnamon rolls, etc and take up there next week.

Almost forgot - the boys (all 3) were able to make it up to see me and Addison. We did it in shifts, and it worked out great. S & R are pretty excited to have a new sister, but T's still making up his mind. I do know he's not happy that mommy can't pick him up whenever he wants....but that's more because of the surgery not the fact that he has a baby sister.

Overall we're getting settled. It may take most of my maternity leave.....but we'll get there.

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