Monday, June 11, 2007


Okay - embarassed to admit this but I started my pregnancy with Addison weighing 237lbs. By the time I was diagnoised as gestational diabetes I'd only gained 7lbs....244lbs. Well by the time I gave birth I was down to 233lbs. Now, I was not trying to lose weight, but I was strickly sticking to the diet so Addison would have less blood work done once she was born.

Well - now that most of the swelling is gone I decided to weigh myself this morning.......the scale read 211lbs!!! Yes!!! I thought I'd eventually weigh in around 225lbs....never did I dream of 211lbs.

I'm still sticking to the GD diet (have been horrible about checkin my blood sugar levels) as my hormone levels are still elevated as I'm breast feeding, but hopefully this will help me lose all this extra weight I've been carrying around the last 3 years. Anyhoo - my goal by the end of my maternity leave is 200lbs and by my birthday in March I want to be down to 180lbs....and eventually I'd love to be around 160lbs. This would put me about a size 12-14.

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Karen said...

Isn't that just the most worst feeling when you realise that only 7lb of the pregnancy was baby and the rest is you! I'm still trying to shift the last 40lb of my baby weight, so I'm totally with you, heart, body and soul. Good luck with it.