Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well - I survived.....

.....this weekend with out K. He left Friday morning at 5am to go race his R/C cars about 2.5-3hrs away for the whole weekend. He won't be back until this afternoon (Sunday) until 3 or 4pm. He didn't carpool with the other guys he went with just in case he needed to come home in an emergency so at least he was realistic about that aspect.

I should mention that S & R are at their other parents house, so that only left me, A and T this weekend. Grandma Sue and Poppie were great at taking the boys (S & T) on Friday afternoon, and yesterday Grandma Sue helped out for most of the day. She'll be over around 10am today and will head home once T's down for his nap.

Also helps that most of my swelling is gone in my feet, and my incision doesn't hurt as much (just down to the ibuprofen as needed). However, I'm in desperate need of sleep. Little Miss A has decided to be picky about which boob she wants, and when......apprently during the middle of the night the left boob just isn't good enough. Mom and K both asked me if they were different flavors or something.

Oh well - at least I survived without breaking down in tears, and it has been nice to have the bed all to myself (well A slept with me most of the time) for the last two nights.

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