Friday, November 02, 2007

Liabial Adhesion

That's what the little girl has. Some stretching of the skin to pull things apart and some hormone cream should do the trick. Should take about a month to clear-up, if not back to the doctor. If you'd like to know more than you ever wanted about Liabial Adhesions you can check out this website:,1510,5892,00.html

Okay - getting the diagnoises from the doctor was the easy part, getting into the doctor was not. First off we were running about 5 minutes late when leaving the house. We made it to Children's Mercy Hospital at about 9:40am for her 9:45am appointment.....however, we had to find a parking spot. Down 3 floors of parked cars we find one.....make it into the actual hospital only to discover we're on the wrong side of the building. So off we trek (me, K, T, R & A - S was in school). Of course there's a security check - TG K and I both had our driver's licenses.

So it's now 9:55am and we finally get to the right office. Sign-in and wait. Around 10:30am they finally call me up to do paper work. Keith checks with them at 11am to see what the problem is and the receptionist made it sound like it was our fault for not getting the paper work done until 10:30am. At 11:15am they call us back to a little room....another 15 minutes later we finally see the doctor. She's in with us for 5-10 minutes and we're done. So we leave her office at 11:45am and head for the car. By the time we stop to pick-up lunch we arrive home around 12:45pm.

That's when my fun started as I then promptly headed to the pharmacy to fill baby girl's prescription. Apparently it takes almost an hour for them to slap a label on a tub of estrogen cream. So, by the time I get home with the prescription it's 2pm. No sense going into work as by the time I get there it'll be 2:30pm and I would be leaving for the day at 4pm. Gotta get home to get the kids fed/dressed early for Halloween!!!

Even with all of that sitting around waiting I was totally exhausted by the time the kids were finally in bed. Now I get the next 3-8wks to stress over this.

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