Monday, November 19, 2007

T - future FBI (female body inspector)

Saturday night Keith decided we needed to all head out to the local Pet Co to price all of the stuff we’re going to need for the lizards. We’re going with lizards rather than snakes – TG!! (Leopard Geckos to be specific.) And when I say ALL – I mean K, myself, R, T, and Baby A.

We wander around Pet Co, found most of what we will need except one item. So K thought we should head over to Target – just next door – and see if they might have it. Long shot we know, but we did need batteries and a few small items.

Now usually Baby A’s in her sling so the T-man can be in the cart, but not this time. We wander around the store with Baby A in the cart and the boys walking. The boys did great – even in the toy section. We got them both out of there w/o a melt down.

However, we pass the woman’s lingerie. T has to poke and prod each bra – especially the padded ones – and touch all of the panties. K and I were just dying w/laughter. Of course this is the section of the store where we have the difficulty getting the boys to leave. Go figure - typical male behavior.

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