Monday, November 05, 2007


Before kids I wasn't sure if I believe in reincarnation or not......but with the arrival of T into my life I'm begining to believe. I swear the boy was a dog in a previous life. And it's not just him picking up food off of the floor and eating it or begging at my plate for a it's the drinking from any standing water he can find, and yes that includes the toilet.

T is now 2 year and 5 months old and I'm slowly introducing the idea that rather than relieving himself in his diaper he should do it in the toilet. So being the good mommy that I try to be while going pee myself I asked T "don't you want to go pee on the potty like mommy". I get this "un-huh", and next thing I know he's leaves me in the bathroom to finish up. Then I hear the the toilet lid in the kids bathroom being slammed open. Oh shit! I wipe, run out of the bathroom while pulling up my pants only to find the boy with his head in the toilet. I pray and hope that he didn't actually drink the water - but with him who knows.

Oh, and this was after I caught him drinking from the puddle of standing water outside on the drive way. And it doesn't help that when you ask him what a sound a doggie makes the boy bark, woof-woof - but pants.

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