Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aaaahhhh - 20yr HS Reunion

The class of 1990 at EHS always seems to do low key reunions.  Out of the 3 "events" schedule we only made it to one:  the Picnic.  Wasn't sure I wanted to go - I mean I haven't remaind in contact with anyone from HS.  So why should I go?

Because if I didn't go then I wouldn't be abiding by my own new rule:  be a better friend.  I decided about a month ago that I've been a pretty shitty friend to what friends I do have and I'm striving to be a better friend.  I may not physically get to see them, but I vowed I would send more e-mails and call more often.

Those that did make it to the Picnic it was great to see, chat, discuss laundry, our crazy kids, siblings, etc.

Did I rekindle any lasting friendships?  I doubt it.  But will I try to keep in touch more?  Definitely.

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