Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Not the game, nor the song, but T's imaginary friend.  Yes the name of his friend probably did come from the song since he and R had been singing it day's before.  However, that is neither here nor there....what matters is that my son took the top of an acorn put it on his finger and made a friend - literally.

Bingo was born at the S & T's school playground from one of the many acorns around from the huge Oak tree on a lovely Saturday afternoon.  Bingo survived T running around the playground and the grocery store.  We even bought ice cream since Bingo wanted some.  What kind of host would we have been had we not bought something our guest desired?!?!?

The original Bingo has disappeared.....but he has plenty of replacements in our front yard.

It's been 3wks since Bingo became my son's friend and he's around here and there....whenever T finds the top to an acorn.

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