Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life with out Cable....and basic TV

In an desperate attempt to find some extra $$ to support his R/C Car racing habit, K decided to turn off cable the end of April.  We spent $40 to hook up the Wii to the internet, and now only pay $10/mo for Netflix rather than $100 for cable (aka Dish Network).

We did end up buying 2 cheap DVD players for the kids so they could at least watch DVD's in their rooms.  (One for the boys since they share a room, and one for A.)  And eventually we'll purchase a high-def TV so we can receive the local channels free.

Overall it really hasn't been much of an adjustment.  Alot of the shows the kids want to watch are available via NetFlix instant que that they watch through the Wii.  (You can do this with a Playstation as well.)  K & I don't watch many TV shows regularly, but those that we do we've been getting the full season delivered to our door.  So far we've gotten caught up on "House", and working our way through "Bones".  Next on the list is "Eureka" and "Stargate SG-1".  Also, got hooked on a BBC show "The Adventures of Merlin".  If there's any current episode we want to watch we can goto and they keep about 6 wks worth of episodes.  Also, many of the networks put episodes out on the web.

As for movies we mainly watch those directly on our computer via Netflix.  However, we occasionally toss one in the mix to be delivered to our door.

I must confess that I do miss watching junk on the boob-tube while folding laundry - which is probably why I have over a weeks worth of clean laundry to sort and fold.  {sigh}

**Did want to mention that if you need help with all the techie stuff a friend's husband has started a blog with everything you ever wanted to know.  :)  Bonus is he's dumbed it down for idiots like myself!!

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