Friday, July 30, 2010

Fast Food Gods must hate me. . . .

. . . . or just love f-ing w/me.

Ever since we moved to the Big City almost 3 years ago about 80% of the time I go get Fast Food something goes wrong.  It's not one particular place, time, order,'s just me.  K can go and get stuff, and as long as I'm not there nothing ever goes wrong.  Oddly we never ever have a problem with having Pizza delivered - go figure.

I seriously never had this problem in Larryville or Smallsville.  Could it just be the Big City?  Does their service suck that bad?  There's a million ppl here and these places can't find decent help?!?!?

Now that I think about it I've had problems at regular resturants as well - slow service, out of shit, you name it.  Once again all in the Big City.

At this point I'm taking this as a sign that we no longer need fast food in our lives, and we've cut back to once - maybe twice a week.  I personally would love to take this as a sign that we need to move back to smallville - but that's not an option now.

Been doing pretty good and on the average we've been sticking to the 1-2 times per week.  I'm just hoping our checking account balance reflects this change in habit soon.

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