Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby A's 4mo Check-up

Everything went great. Really like the new doctor, and Janis (person who referred us) is right he is cute! She's up to 13lbs 8oz (50%) and in the 60% in height.

Only problem is that she's been referred to a urologist. Apparently some of her girl parts are fused shut. The doctor couldn't even see an opening - not even one big enough for urine to pass through. Oh, and as I explained it to K - basically there's no opening to put a tampon.

Doc said it could probably be fixed with just an estrogen cream, but since she was new patient he wanted to err on the side of caution and referred us to a urologist just in case she'll need surgery. Could have been like this since birth, or it could've developed over time.

Great - I love a pro-active doctor.....but it's been 3 friggin' days and the urologist has yet to call and set-up an appointment. Don't they know they have a mother here with an over active imagination....who has yet to research on the internet 'cause there's no way what's out there could be as bad as what she's imagining?!?!?

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