Monday, October 29, 2007

Parent-Teacher Conference ! ! !

Last Thursday we had our first Parent-Teacher conference. To say I was nervous is a serious understatement. Between the recent move, custody issues and of course his ADHD I was soooo worried that we'd get an okay report or even a bad report. That was sooooo not the case!!

Basically he got 3's on everything (on a scale of 1-3 with 3 being the highest) on his report card. The only thing he's lacking is knowing the sounds letters make and since that is related to verbal understanding as far as I was concerned that was acceptable. He got a 2 and knew about 50-60% of the sounds - which I think is good for a non-verbal learner.

Mrs. P. did say that his drawings are incredible and that he's extremly creative. She showed us one pictured that had she not told us he did it himself I would've thought she had helped him on it, it was that good. Heck - it was much better than I could've and have drawn. As soon as it's sent home I'm scanning and then framing it.

So the good news is that he's doing great and she said if he keeps up this progress towards the end of the year she'd like to have him tested for the "gifted" class. I knew he was a bright/smart kid, but just didn't think we was "gifted". Only "bad" news is that he does exercise poor choice in words when he's mad/frustrated. So we get to work on that, but overall I'm sooooo relieved that all of the stress and work over the last 3 years has paid off.

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