Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Major meltdown last night

Me - not one of the kids.

You see K stays home with the kids. During the day he'll do the basics - dishes, load of laundry and feed the kids. No real cleaning and refuses to put laundry away. He uses the rest of his time playing WOW (World of Warcraft). That's all fine and dandy - I understand it's his stress reliever.

However, once I get home and changed he goes back to the computer to play some more and leaves me with everything. This includes: making dinner, feeding Baby A, myself dinner, S's reading homework, bath, make S's lunch (if needed), make my lunch, read books, feeding Baby A, help S get his clothes out for the next day, get clothes out for Tyler for the next day, get my clothes out for the next day, go through S's backpack, put dinner away, read books, brush teeth, and finally get the kids to bed. Oh, did I mention the whole time I'm usually feeding Baby A? At the breast? Or sometimes she's fallen asleep in her sling but I'm still carrying her around with me.

As everyone knows not everything goes according to plan. Example would be last night: not only was T poopie before bath, but during bath he got sick and threw-up a little in the tub. So I had to drain ALL the water, clean it up, and then get a fresh bath going for S.

My point is there are 2 - count them one, two - of us. Why shouldn't he help? Yes I understand he needs a little break from the kids - but damnit I want to rest and relax as well. Haven't I been working all day? Don't I deserve the same consideration?

All, ALL I have ever wanted is for him to help in the evenings so that I'm not yelling at the kids and we both then can spend some quality time together after the kids goto bed. Rather than me doing everything, get the kids in bed, and then listen to him whine that I don't spend time with him 'cause I still got shit that's gotta get done before I can goto bed.

If you haven't guessed I finally had enough (again) and told him everything that needed to be done. Of course 90% of it was done by the time he actually came up for air from the computer to help. He didn't help his case when I had first asked him at 7pm to help me and he didn't make it around to helping until 7:45pm. Better yet, told him I doing what's best for me and kids, and if he wants some love and attention then he better start helping.

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