Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DSSD = Dip Shit Sperm Donor

That's what I'm calling my ex-H from now on. After making my life hell for 10 days with his restraint order now he's telling me he can't afford his lawyer and the courts will side with me any way. Well - duh......get a clue you dip-shit. I do everything for that boy and you're just "Fun Daddy".

Anyhoo - I told him e-mail with what he'd like to see in regards to a custody schedule. You know - days he wants each year (his birthday, father's day, etc) and I'll send him my thoughts. We verbally agreed that my lawyer will get everything typed up, and submitted to the courts in time for our Dec 13th court date. Sounds simple enough doesn't it.....apparently not. This is the e-mail I got instead "I will be more flexible with the custody schedule if you will put in writing that you don’t want child support anymore. The original purpose of the child support, as stated in the divorce papers, was for “work related daycare expenses”, which obviously, you do not have anymore, nor have you paid daycare for over a year. I think that’s fair, but it’s up to you. "

Okay - NOT you F-ing moron!! Doesn't matter that he only paid me $500 in two years while unemployed, oh, and that I need $$ to put a roof over S's head, feed him, clothe him, etc. Yes, K does stay home with the kids and I don't have daycare expense for Stephen, but I figure the money he's paying now is making up for not paying anything for two years.

What's ironic is that I've told DSSD (remember that's Dip Shit Sperm Donor) that all he needs to do is contact the District Court and request a re-evaluation of child support, and viola - child support will be lowered, etc. No lawyers, just the DC office gathering data etc and going in front of a judge with their recommendation. Never mind that in a year it's automatically recalculated as S will be in first grade and in school all day. Okay, the boy is in full day K now and should be adjusted, but I'm not telling unless I hafta. :)

Oh well, once again I get to take the high road, ignoring DSSD comments and respond with what I think is far in regards to visitation/custody, etc. I'm also very tempted to state that as long as he gives up his parental rights then of course I'll put in writing that I don't want child support any more.

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