Monday, March 05, 2007

3 hours......

. . . . .to go through the boy's closets, decide what we keep and what we donate, and then fold and put away their clean clothes - and this was with my mother's help. I can't imagine how long this would've taken had I been doing it by myself! Never mind that T wanted to help - and he did until he decided that everything that went in the boxes must come back out.

I still have two boxes of T's old clothes to go through, need to reorganize their closets - especially S's, and drag out the boxes of S's old clothes that we've been saving for R & T.

Never mind I then get to make room in the shed to store the 3 boxes of donations.

I know I shouldn't complain as saving the clothes is saving us a ton of $$ - but it would be nice if K would help out.....even if it is to entertain T. Luckily I only really do this twice a year - spring & fall.

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