Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boys, and mud, and worms...oh my

It rained off and on most of last week and even Friday night. So, Saturday morning we awoke to a beautiful breezy, yet sunny day.....however, not enough sun to dry everything out. Of course with all the rain this means worms.....and with 3 boys they go hand 'n hand.

I think S & R spent about an hour digging for worms. By then I decided I needed to put those worms to good use: plant some flowers. Went to the local Dollar General and picked up 2 bags of potting soil for $4 and four packets of flower seeds for $1. The boys helped me plant the seeds, etc. Of course they then had to dig for worms, but since it was getting cooler and the wind was picking up (and nice gray storm clouds looming overhead) we decided it was time to go inside for the night.

You all can guess what they wanted to do today. They probably spent a good hour or more off and on looking for worms for our newly planted flowers.

See I don't mind the mud or the worms or even the boys getting themselves and their clothes's the fear of what if this little girl isn't a tom boy? I mean I'm out there helping the boys looks for worms and basically giving them amo to torture their little sister. And to be honest I wouldn't understand her "fear" of them. Hate to say it, but this is one time I really hope nuture wins out over nature.

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Mayberrys said...

We have one WormDigger and two Princesses.

So far, they enter each other's worlds as needed and it works out fine.

The girls catch toads with their brother.

The boy plays house with his sisters.

They torture eachother, too, but that's bound to happen!