Monday, March 12, 2007

Lying and Biting, oh my!

You'd think a 3.5yo would know better than to bite. Nope. He's not a chronic bitter, but someone gets bit every weekend he's here. The time before it was K, this time it was S. R knows it wrongs 'cause as soon as he did it he started saying, "I'm sorry" repeatedly.

To be honest that's not the bad part about the whole incident. FWIW - R did leave a nice nickle sized bruise on S's upper right arm. It was the lying about it. I asked R three times if he bit S.....each time "No". After a quick reminder, he was sent to his room to finish crying.

Once the crying was over I told him he could come out of his room and talk to me. Asked him again did he bite S. Once again told "No". Showed R the bruise on S's arm and said I knew that he had and I would like the truth. So, I asked him again. This time I got the ellusive "Yes".

I then proceeded to explain why lying was bad, etc. I really hope he gets it soon.

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