Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm a failure!!! :(

Well, Saturday March 17th I did the 3-hour glucose test. Luckily this time the lab tech listened to me and stuck with the one vein that worked. However, I failed the first two figures and the last one was close so I've been diagnoised with Gestational Diabetes.

Yesterday afternoon meet with the nutrionist/educator and got my monitor. So far, I just test my glucose levels and stick to a new diet. My numbers in the afternoon and evening look's my morning numbers that stink.

I think the hardest thing to give up will be the Regular Coca-Cola and Cherry Coke from the fountain. Not that I drank a ton, but I did treat myself to a small cup almost everyday. And before you tell me about the diet drinks out there you can just stuff it........they don't taste as good and are no where near as satisfying.

On a good note I've only gained about 7 lbs as of my last appointment. Not bad for being 27wks......just as long as I don't gain a ton in the next 11 weeks I'll be estatic!! Techincally I'll be 29wks tomorrow for those that are truly anal and keeping track.

Keep your finger's crossed that I don't need to continue this once the Bean is born!!

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