Friday, March 02, 2007

You know you need a hair cut when. . . .

. . . . multiple people start calling your 20mo old son a GIRL.

Yup - Keith took in the treats for S's V-day party at school and brought along R & T to join in the festivities. Everyone kept commenting on what a cute GIRL T was.

On the way home after the party Keith stopped at the local beauty shop and got T's hair cut. Gone are his cute curls in back....but you can still tell he has curly hair.

It needed to be done, and Keith did make sure they saved some of T's hair.......but I just wasn't ready for my baby to become an offical toddler/big boy. Yeah, I know.....we've got one on the way, but it doesn't make it easier. He does look exceptionally cute......and if I think about it I'll post before and after pics.

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