Friday, March 09, 2007

Ahhhhhh.....a vacation day!

Today S and I had dentist appts bright and early this morning, and then I have my monthly pg check-up at I took the day off. Not only do I get from 1pm to 6pm to myself I get to actually go get my haircut, pick-up my new glasses, and go wondering around a book store. This may seem like no big deal.....but I honestly can't remember when I just took time for myself.

Bonus is that I've even had time to just play with the boys (S & T) from 9:30am - to now. Yeah I made lunch but K has been taking care of everything else in regards to our abode.

As a belated b-day present to myself I'm stopping at DQ on the way home tonight to pick-up an ice cream cake!!

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